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Bookings Open for 2021/2022 Season


The team at BLAZING ADVENTURES (previously known as Blazing Paddles) can’t wait to offer you the experience of a lifetime in the remote wilderness of our backyard, the stunning Ruapehu District.

Which adventure will you choose?  Canoe down the beautiful Whanganui River, through isolated farmland and into the untouched forest of the national park. Jet Boat through rapids and into deep, mirrored gorges where you’ll find destinations lost to time.  Helicopter over some of New Zealand’s most gorgeous scenery and drop down into far-flung, off-grid glamping sites or luxurious lodges.

Immerse yourself in the iconic Whanganui River with the best guided Fly Fishing to be found. Stalk through pristine bush land after red deer and enjoy your own private paradise at our comfortable hunting hut.  Share the thrill of Clay Bird Shooting with our local gold medal winning Paralympian.  Whatever your choice, Blazing Adventures warm hospitality, top class equipment and knowledgeable, helpful service will ensure you make the most of an adventure you’ll never forget.

Our two comfortable cottages are available to make sure you get a great night’s rest before your adventures and accommodation is included free of charge for all multi-day canoe trips. Enjoy our complimentary door-to-river transfer shuttle service and warm helpful hospitality from our dedicated team.

For more information email us on info@blazingadventures.co.nz, call 0800 252 946 or text 021 991 564.